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Currently the most prevalent renewable energy alternatives are Solar and Wind Energy. Both are limited by environmental factors. Solar Panels do not produce energy at night and output suffers in low light conditions, while Wind Turbines are ineffective at both high and low wind velocities. These factors effectively shut out significant portions of the planet from using Solar or Wind energy. Wind turbines are also a hazard for birds.

Solar Panels and Wind Turbines are largely restricted to suburban locations because of the space needed to deploy the equipment. The Plankz Buoyancy Engine can be located in virtually any location. 

The space requirements for Solar panels and Wind turbines restrict usage and energy output in a given location. The Plankz Buoyancy Engine is horizontally stackable and can be expanded to meet any power demand with relatively low additional space.



  • Grid-tied unit - The Model 3500 Plankz Buoyancy Engine is configured for Grid-tied operation.

  • Stand-alone operation - The model 3500 Plankz Buoyancy Engine and be outfitted with a battery storage system to independently support a typical household consuming up to 1000 kWh/mth. For greater consumption requirements, multiple Plankz Buoyancy Engines can be used. Contact us  for a quotation.

  • Hybrid Alternative Energy solutions - Existing facilities using Solar Panels, Wind Turbines or other power generation solutions, can use the Plankz Buoyancy Engine for additional capacity and especially to have uninterrupted power when the other units are in the dead zone.


The Model 3500 Plankz Buoyancy Engine is designed to produce 1000 kWh/mth. The unit is 16 ft. high. Variations to the unit such as an increase in liquid column height or the size of the floats will increase output. The converse is true.

Here are some possibilities:

  • Smaller units for RV operations producing lower capacity outputs.

  • Higher columns and larger floats for multi-story complexes.

  • In the long term, many grid-tied units can provide extra grid capacity to enable electrified roadways.

Buoyancy Energy LLC can develop customized units tailored to client's needs. Please contact us for a quotation.

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