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Essential requirements to house the Plankz Buoyancy Engine

The Plankz Buoyancy Engine is designed for indoor use. Working temperature is 32 ~ 100F.

Components for the Plankz Buoyancy Engine are shipped on pallets and require a pathway of at least 6 ft. width. A minimum 8 ft. wide and 8 ft. high door is recommended to move machine components into the installation area. If a Garage door is used, the retracted door should not interfere with the Plankz Buoyancy Unit. 
It is recommended that an access corridor of 6 ft. be provided around the machine for assembly and maintenance. A roof clearance of at least 2 ft. is required. We can modify the height of the Plankz Buoyancy Engine to accommodate your actual roof height.
Contact us for details.
To allow for later addition of units, it is prudent to design for this eventuality. See the Sample Floor Plan provided.

Sample Floor Layout C.png


The Plankz Buoyancy Engine weighs 10,000 lb. and carries 600 gallons of liquid.

The floor must be level and capable of withstanding at least 10 psi loading. A reinforced concrete floor is recommended.

To protect against accidental liquid loss, it is recommended that the Plankz Buoyancy Engine be mounted in a water-tight Sump area with drainage or pump access for liquid disposal (see sample Layout).


To facilitate assembly, the roof beams must be able to support at least 1000 lbs. to attach lifting tackle.


The standard Plankz Buoyancy Engine is supplied 120V/240V Single Phase for Grid-Tie connection. Bespoke options can be provided as arranged with customers. Contact us for details.

Customers are responsible for electrical connections to the Grid.

Customer facilities must provide a water supply and drainage connections.

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