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Plankz Buoyancy Engine Model 3500

Plankz Buoyancy Engine Model 3500

  • Energy 1000 kWh/mth
  • Voltage 120V/240V Single Phase
  • 400 Ah Battery
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • 5 yr Limited Warranty
  • Ex Factory Delivery ~  4 months
  • Includes: Onsite Assembly and Commissioning of the Plankz Buoyancy Engine.

* Product Image can vary based on configuration

Note: Site Preparation Requirements

  • Shipping Charge

    Shipping to contiguous US States will be charged at US $ 5000.

    All other locations will be charged at $7000.

  • Standard Cancellation and Return Policy

    1. Prior to shipping, orders for single standard units may be cancelled without penalty. Orders paid for with an AMEX card will be subject to a 3.5% refund fee.
    2. Orders for customized units and multiple units that are cancelled before shipping will be subject to a 30% fee. Orders paid for with an AMEX card will be subject to an additional 3.5% refund fee.
    3. After shipping and prior to installation, returns will be accepted with the aforementioned penalties, with the customer liable for return shipping of the items in good condition. A Return Authorization Form (RMA) is required for all returms. 
    4. After installation, returns may be accepted within 30 days after commissioning. In addition to the penalties listed in item 3 above, the customer is liable for a dissassembly fee to cover the cost of mobilizing a crew to disassemble and repackage components for shipping. Said fee to be determined on a case by case basis.
    5. Returns will not be accepted later that 30 days after commissioning.
    6. In the case of financing, the customer is wholly responsible for financing commitments.
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